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Exclusively for building inspectors, fire chiefs, fire marshals,fire and and building commissioners. Overcoming legal challenges are part of your job. Lawsuits CAN be avoided. We will show you how. Some disputes will become lawsuits no matter what you do. We will show you how your colleagues won similar lawsuits. Finally, we will report well intentioned mistakes that become expensive lawsuits. By learning from these mistakes, you can avoid them.

We do not provide legal advice. Rather, we encourage you to rely on an experienced lawyer. Our services are intended to help you protect your community – and yourself - when contentious issues become legal ones. Knowledge is power! The cases we report represent millions in legal fees. Many of the cases should have been avoided. As a subscriber, you will learn the same lessons for pennies a day!

“We have honored this same “no risk” guarantee since our first day in business – 30 years ago”

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