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Legal Briefings for Fire Chiefs

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The only legal reporting service written exclusively for fire chiefs, Legal Briefings for Fire Chiefs will provide you with solutions to problems with legal implications you will encounter in the coming year.

It has never been more important for fire chiefs to have a clear understanding of the laws involving the operation of fire departments. With lawsuits filed against fire departments and fire chiefs, there are inevitably no winners. Thus, everything must be done to avoid unnecessary litigation. More importantly, you must know how to defend against claims that are inevitable. Our mission is to help you avoid the threat and know the realities of litigation. As a subscriber, you will learn how to defend your department, your firefighters, and yourself against the threat of lawsuits and legal claims.

After 20 years of reporting fire house legal issues to fire chiefs nationwide, EDM Publishers knows the legal risks fire departments face on a daily basis. In those 20 years of reporting, we have observed an alarming increase in lawsuits filed against fire chiefs. These cases can become enormously expensive and will detract from the main goal of the fire service industry: to protect the public. Protect yourself, protect your department, and protect the public.

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Legal Briefings for Building Inspectors

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Protect your community from illegal construction … let knowledge of the law replace fear … use the law to enforce the code and defend all types of legal claims when denying permits, issuing “stop work” orders, revoking building permits, and responding to complaints from abutters and neighbors.

Legal Briefings for Building Inspectors will provide solutions to legal problems you face in the field, and help prevent litigation. More importantly, when lawsuits are unavoidable, we will tell you how to win in court! For more than twenty years, EDM Publishers has been reporting how local governments deal with legal
challenges related to building permits. We know that the results of these cases have immense implications on impacted communities.

When developers, contractors, or property owners threaten, “Deny my permit? - Then I'll sue the town! – and you!” the results are not always predictable. Building inspectors MUST anticipate responses from rejected applicants to properly protect their communities and themselves. The very best way to protect your community from illegal construction, false permit applications, deviations from permits, and unlawful apartments is to maintain a working knowledge of the law. Learn from the legal experiences of your colleagues from other communities who have already faced legal challenges that you will encounter in the future!

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Fire Inspections Law Bulletin

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Introducing Fire Inspections Law Bulletin. This reporting service, written in plain English for you - the professional fire inspector, will show you how your colleagues have used the law to protect their communities from the consequences of fire code violations, and will keep you on the cutting edge of the most pivotal fire origin and cause legal issues.

The law is on your side - you must know how to use it! Each monthly issue will bring to your fingertips the most important lawsuits related to fire code inspections, fire investigations, and more. Your exposure and your

community's exposure to potential litigation over 'negligent' fire code inspections, improper preservation of evidence, unsubstantiated expert testimony, and tough sanctions for code violators has never been greater.

We will show you how many, if not most of these cases are won by the fire department, fire marshal, fire code inspector, or fire investigator. Just as important, we will show you how well intentioned mistakes can result in enormous legal expenses. How will the court decide? The stakes are enormous. Be prepared.

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