Lectures - 90 minutes, 30 minutes Q+A

BREXIT – EU and Beyond

  • Deal or “No Deal?” … Replacing Over 700 Treaties, Agreements – 47 Years or Work in One Year!
  • Will Brexit work… or Will “Buyers’ Remorse” Become the Commentary of 2040? 

MIDDLE EAST – The Future of US Involvement

  • US Is No Longer Dependent on Foreign Oil – Why Should the US Maintain a Presence?
  • Ideological Differences Dating Hundreds of Years … Oil Choke Points… Strategic Importance 

CHINA – Pulling the Curtain Back

  • Is China an Economic or Military Threat? What Is China’s Long-Term Goal?
  • What Are China’s Weaknesses Which Could Reverse the March to Hegemony?

IMMIGRATION – Why We Need to Get It Right

  • Near-Term Solutions That Must Be Considered
  • Long-Term Needs to Maintain US Stature As the Number One Economic Powerhouse 

DOUGLAS MACARTHUR – “American Caesar” is what they called him

  • More battlefield victories than all American generals in all of the wars – added together
  •  Why was he fired – could any other US military leader rise to his stature?