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In 1984, EDM Publishers was founded by E. Michael Quinlan, Esq. as a national, legal publishing company reporting on a wide range of topics, including first responder legal matters, land use, construction permits, and human resource conflicts in public workplaces.

Mr. Quinlan, an attorney, has over 40 years of legal publishing experience and served as president of Quinlan Publishing Group which was sold to West Thomson (now Reuters). At Quinlan Publishing, Mr. Quinlan launched over 40 legal bulletins, references, and other publications, both print and digital. The topics ranged from public funding for education and local government projects, several human resources publications, and legal bulletins related to law enforcement, workers’ compensation, and land use.

Mr. Quinlan was a board member of the Newsletter Publishers of America.

In recent years, Mr. Quinlan has been lecturing on critical and timely subjects that have a profound impact on world affairs, such as

A graduate of the United States Naval Academy, Mr. Quinlan served as a naval aviator for 20 years while on active duty and in the Naval Reserve. In 1969, Mr. Quinlan was assigned to Light Attack Squadron FOUR in Vietnam, where he flew 251 combat missions. He also served for several years on U.S.S. Intrepid (CV 11), where he was the landing signal officer in his squadron, VS-24.

Mr. Quinlan is a strong supporter of the United States Naval Academy and has served as a member of the Editorial Advisory Board. More recently, he was named as a Trustee of the Naval Academy Foundation.

Active in local town government in his home of Duxbury, MA, Mr. Quinlan served on both the Finance Committee and the Fiscal Advisory Committee, which he chaired.

The father of five daughters, Mr. Quinlan has been married to Jeanne (Wright) Quinlan for over 50 years. For more information click below or contact us here if you have any questions!